Parson’s School of Design in New York



For those who may be interested in pursuing graphic design degrees and furthering their education academically, Parson’s School of Design, located in New York, can be a great alternative to some of the bigger and more commonly known schools around in the academic marketplace.

There are some advantages to consider when looking at Parson’s, a lot of which are centered on its smaller size and more specialized programming. Since it is a small school focusing more exclusively on design courses, someone who is also very specialized in design themselves may find a fit at this college, since they will be less likely to have to wade through extraneous material, and cut right to the chase: designing graphic images, with a new degree to boot!

Obviously, there are other things to consider when looking at a college that is smaller, more specialized, and less known than some of its competitors. For instance, this author could not find a working URL for the site at the time of writing this article so it may be more difficult for aspiring students to find information if the school or business in question is of a smaller scale, perhaps with less resources to devote to website maintenance, advertising, and other aspects larger schools take for granted.

In terms of tuition, it is difficult to say anything without doing a proper analysis of all the options in question, including school, length of program(s), other costs that may not have been considered, as well as the credibility of the degree received at the end of the program.

Since Parson’s is a school of design specifically, it’s also important to look into the range of courses they offer in order to find an even more precise match in terms of students’ interests, skills, and the direction of their graphic design futures.

With a school like Parson’s Design where there is less overall information available, it can also be important to do some research on a more informal basis, such as talking to friends, associates, colleagues, and fellow graphic design enthusiasts as to what they consider to be the pros and cons of an institution such as this.

Smaller little-known schools can offer great advantages in terms of specialization, and there may be other fringe benefits like scholarships to look into as well. Since there is less overall business being generated from smaller schools, they may be more willing to meet students half way in certain areas, whereas there can be a tendency within the larger colleges and universities to get lost in the shuffle, which is certainly not the best option for those looking to stand out from the crowd with their superior graphic design capabilities. Perhaps a degree from Parson’s School of Design in New York can help kick start a career in this field; it is certainly worth some effort on the part of the prospective student to look at all the options.