So what can you do with a Graphic Design Degree?

Can you imagine going to your 10 year high school reunion and telling all of your old classmates how you work in a job you love and make about 6 figures a year? It would be unbelievable and unimaginable, yet with a degree in Graphic Design; this goal isn’t far out of your grasp.

This is especially true when major companies are in search of the next big logo (ie. Coca Cola for example?)

The advent of computers and CG (computer generated) graphics means that there are lots of options available for those that may not be gifted in terms of drawing, designing, or creating work by hand.

Whether a person is interested in advertising, television, video game design, or any other pursuit having knowledge of graphic design can be extremely valuable. Looking around our world, we are bombarded with tons of graphics that have been designed by people who have had specialty training at any number of schools.

This is the content that people remember most, the eye-catching logos on the way to work, that amazing character designed on that new CG movie, or that great cinematic sequence in the latest online video game.

There is literally infinite creative potential found within this field, since the means of creating graphics and coming up with new designs is getting better all the time. There are many conventional artists who have found their niche in the world of graphic design after many years of limited success trying to make a living without specialty training, and a degree at the end of the process.

Now is the best time to get started in any number of careers based on graphic design. Or, the training can be used to augment already existing skills in other areas. Advertisers can stay ahead of the market if they have ability in this sought-after skill set.

Computer programmers who are also well-versed in graphic design stand out from their peers, as do visual artists who have supplemented their skills with some higher education. It is those who create the most powerful symbols for our society that have the most influence in the end; a picture may be worth 1,000 words, but a good symbol or graphic can be worth 1,000 pictures.

This is a field that can only improve over time. Since the tools are always getting better in the form of faster and more powerful computers, artists can always be improving their repertoire as well, as long as they enlist help from those who have competence in the field.

Obviously, having a degree from a credible school does a person a lot better than simply having some basic, informal knowledge of graphic design, often with outdated equipment, programs, and methods. People who choose to access the best possible learning environment and the highest level technology, techniques, and teachers stand to excel in the field of graphic design, no matter what avenue they want it to take them. If a person has a passion for visual art, graphic design is certainly a career that has bottomless potential for those with the creative bug inside them. There are many schools that offer training and degree programs for those who want to explore the world of graphic design.